ISTP The Craftsman
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ISTP The Craftsman

Introverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving

Is this you?

  • Love variety and new experiences
  • Highly practical and realistic
  • Excellent “trouble-shooter” who is able to quickly find solutions to practical problems
  • Results-oriented and like to see immediate results for efforts
  • Usually laid-back and easy-going with people
  • Risk-taker who thrives on action
  • Independent and determined
  • Constantly gather facts about your environment and store them away

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What others say:

Carol J Britt says:
June 19, 2019
At 36 years of age I finally get myself ! Omg this is me, this is me ! What can I say – Firstly, well go out and download it right now. Secondly, years, seriously years of therapy for self esteem issues did not give me such a clear understanding and appreciation of myself.

Diana says:
June 7, 2019
Great read. Very enjoyable as the profile describes me to the “T”. I like that it gives you tips and suggestions to improve your weaknesses. I also like that it makes me feel more okay with myself… after all some of my behaviors are simply in my DNA!

TJ says:
May 28, 2019
EXTREMELY accurate and useful!

Christina White says:
May 21, 2019
So much insight! This book is giving me so much insight on why I think, feel, and do how I do, while also breaking down the Myers Briggs theory in a very understandable way.

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What others are saying:

Love it!! Spot on... 99% accurate!

Surprisingly insightful A definite download for anyone curious about themselves and interpersonal relations

Great app! This is great for getting to know myself better, how I relate to others and also highlighted some career paths that are worth considering! Great to do this in a group!

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