The Top 10 Qualities and Skills Employers Are Looking For

1. Communication Skills

None of us get very far in life without being able to communicate clearly. The world is changing now, too, which means that we need to be literate in all forms of communications. That means being able to write clear and concise emails, express yourself verbally, create lists and telephone messages, and even through body language. A skilled communicator will also be regarded as a good listener, and will follow instructions and directions as laid out to them.

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Which Personality Type is Your Perfect Match?

There are a number of things that make a successful relationship. Compatibility in values and personality are arguably the most pivotal, though. This is where Myers-Briggs can help.  By checking your relationship compatibility, you’ll quickly know if you’re looking at Happily Ever After or Begrudging Tolerance for (another) Six Months.

Check out our brand-new guide to love & relationship compatibility between each and every persona below. You’ll soon know if it’s worth hanging your hopes on a long and happy union, or whether you should renew your Tinder membership.

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7 Secrets of the ENFJ Personality Type

enfj personality

ENFJ Personality Type Secrets

ENFJs are charismatic and influential people who put others before themselves. They are genuinely interested in helping others improve, and they use their natural influence to help people and organizations succeed. The ENFJ personality type is one of the most caring and altruistic personalities, but the ENFJ has a dark side that may appear when under stress or in difficult situations.

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5 ISTJ Personality Hacks


5 ISTJ Personality Hacks


1. Soften Your Exterior

ISTJs can sometimes be intimidating, and if you feel like you struggle with that, you will benefit from softening your exterior. Like other Introverted and Thinking types, ISTJs are often mistakenly seen as indifferent and cold because they’re not naturally in tune with people’s feelings. They’re also quite serious and methodical, and they don’t readily accept outside points of view. They don’t like change, and they have strong opinions about the way things should be done. Since they’re introverts, they may not be the best at expressing their thoughts and feelings. All of this can add up to create someone who appears very strict and unforgiving.

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5 ENFP Personality Type Hacks

5 ENFP Personality Hacks


1. Give Yourself Some Real Downtime

ENFPs are happy, social people who are popular and fun to be around. They’re always excited to try something new, they don’t mind going off-plan, and they tend to jump from project to project. Even though they love a constant flow of new stimulation, they also need a break to process it all. If you feel overwhelmed with everything you’ve created for yourself, carve out some alone time to recharge. Make sure that you take care of yourself.

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5 ENTJ Life Hacks

ENTJ Life Hacks

5 ENTJ Life Hacks for Your ENTJ Personality Type


1. Cultivate Patience and Understanding

Many ENTJs probably feel that they don’t need to learn any hacks for their personality type. They tend to be quite self-assured, and since they’re often in leadership positions, the people around them might reinforce the idea that they already have all the answers. ENTJs have little tolerance for errors or inefficiency, and rarely take into consideration other people’s feelings. Especially if you’re in a leadership position, like a manager or business owner, it could be tremendously valuable for you to cultivate some patience for those around you, and to look at things from another perspective. You might uncover some new and interesting ideas, and you will most certainly become a better leader.

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