Do you ever feel dissatisfied with your life but are not sure why? Thankfully, the 16 Personality Type Test provides a way for you to discover what personality type you are. Each Type has different needs that need to be met. Have a look at the needs of the 16 Personality Types below then take our free personality test to see which one you are.

Knowing the needs and potential frustrations of your Personality Type is the first step in leading a happy and ultimately fulfilled life!


INFJ – The Counselor


Creative and focussed on others

INFJ’s are motivated to make a positive difference to the world. If most of The Counselor’s energies are not directed to improving life for others, they are likely to struggle. Flourishing when they trust their strong Intuition, they function more positively when making choices based on their heart rather than logic. INFJ’s need to make time for their creativity to run free and allow themselves to dream big dreams. The Idealistic traits that are part of this Myers-Briggs INFJ Personality Type can mean that they can have high expectations for both themselves and others which may not always be helpful.

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ENFP – The Champion

ENFPAn active life…filled with creating new initiatives and experiences

The Champion is frustrated by doing the same things every day and should aim to include as much variety in their life as possible. This Personality Type needs to feel that they are living an active life that is filled with creating new initiatives and experiences. The Extrovert element of the Personality means that an ENFP draws energy from interacting with others. Possessing both initiative and drive, they have the potential to be entrepreneurs. Although ENFP’s are fulfilled by trying out new things, they need to be careful to keep hold of the things in their lives that are valuable.

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ESFP – The Performer

esfpLikes being in the spotlight

The Performer is a people-person and to feel truly fulfilled, they need to be having a lot of contact with others. Their focus should be on surrounding themselves with people and avoiding getting bogged down on highly complex tasks. The Performer likes being in the spotlight. but still needs positive feedback from people. They are especially suited to careers that involve working with others. They are excellent problem-solvers but can get frustrated by red-tape. This Personality Type likes to see tangible results for their work.

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ISTJ – The Inspector

istjHigh standards …fiercely loyal and respected by others

ISTJ’s are hard-working and thorough with strong traditional values. The Inspector flourishes when in stable and loyal relationships and this is the cornerstone for a fulfilled life. They are fiercely loyal and known for their reliability and ability to plan. They are motivated to meet the goals they set for themselves. ISTJ’s enjoy working to a high standard and are admired by others. The Judging aspect of this Personality Type can mean that, when things don’t go according to plan, they can be too hard on themselves.

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INTJ – The Mastermind

intjOutside the box thinking…need regular time alone

The Mastermind is an inquisitive Personality who needs to constantly learn new things and expand their understanding of the world. They are energised by finding new ways to solve problems and have the ability to instigate wide-scale change by their “outside the box” thinking. They are more comfortable in stable environments and find contentment in a small number of close relationships. Socialising can be a drain on the Introverted element of this Personality Type and so, to maintain a good balance, they need to have regular time alone to recharge themselves.

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ISTP – The Craftsman

istpNeeds space to work logically and…find the inner peace they long for

The Craftsman needs significant time alone where they can step back and analyse their world. They value their independence and will struggle if they have to spend large amounts of time working closely with others. Somebody with an ISTP Personality needs space to work logically and pursue the things that interest them. Only in this environment will they find the inner peace that they long for. Their logical mindset makes them ideally suited to working in careers such as engineering or computing.

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ESFJ – The Provider

esfjLive to make others happy

This Personality Type needs to look outwards in order to fully realise their potential. Providers are excellent at making connections with others and are usually very popular. They have a highly compassionate side to their personality and are happiest when using this to help others. ESFJs live to make others happy and are most fulfilled when doing this. They enjoy doing this either in a social or caring setting. ESFJs don’t enjoy constant change and work better in stability. The Provider is best suited to situations that are conflict free.

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INFP – The Idealist

infpSpontaneous and innovative

INFP’s are driven by their values and a desire to find new ways of doing things. This Personality Type looks for inner peace and meaning in the world around them. Although they have a caring nature, Idealists aren’t the most suited to spending large amounts of time with others. They need time alone to allow their creative mind to reach its’ fullest potential. They will be happier when dedicating their time and energy to causes that they truly believe in. The Idealist will struggle in an environment that doesn’t allow them to be spontaneous and find innovative ways of approaching things.

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ESTP – The Doer

estpLives in the moment … quick thinking problem solvers

As their name suggests, The Doer is motivated by activity rather than planning or management. This Personality lives in the moment and enjoys trying out short-term experiences. They need to allow themselves the space to be spontaneous and mix socially. The personality test reveals that an ESTP’s nature is hampered by repetitive tasks or long-term work. They engage successfully with their environments and are quick thinking problem-solvers. Although having a strong Extroverted nature, The Doer needs to receive positive affirmation from those they interact with.

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ESTJ – The Supervisor

estjTraditional…natural leaders…want to improve the community

The Supervisor wants to set standards and connect with people. ESTJ’s pride themselves on their traditional high moral standards and good citizenship. This Personality Type will be frustrated by disorganised or unpredictable environments. Their methodical and logical approach to life helps them find fulfilment when focussed on organising tasks and people. They are natural leaders and able to ensure that tasks are completed in an organised and constructive way. They enjoy tradition and are likely to connect with others of a like mind. Supervisors are down-to-earth people who want to improve the community around them in practical ways.

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ENTJ – The Commander

entjMaking change happen…working strategically on large scale projects

ENTJ’s are strategic thinkers who enjoy taking a lead and making change happen. The Commander works hard to achieve high standards in everything they do. They are likely to feel most fulfilled when putting together long-term plans to provide logical solutions. Their strong sense of Intuition helps them immediately envision change and how to achieve it. They are natural born leaders who will enjoy working strategically on large scale projects. The 16 Personalities Test reveals ENTJ’s are likely to become frustrated when they have to focus on small details or are asked to understand others feelings. They enjoy working with others who share the same vision and high efficiency as them.

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INTP – The Thinker

intpHappier being alone..logical and creative

INTP’s question everything and seek to expand their knowledge and ideas. Above everything else, The Thinker needs to understand the world around them. This Personality Type isn’t primarily motivated by interactions with others and is happier being alone. INTP’s need space to develop their knowledge and understanding of things that interest them. This Personality Type is both logical and creative. They will feel hampered if expected to keep to convention for the sake of it. They prefer to question and base their lives on what makes logical sense. This means that Thinkers have the potential to find innovative solutions and challenge illogical conventions.

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ISFJ – The Nurturer

isfjThe perfect host

Although The Nurturer is one of Myers-Briggs’ Introverted Personality Types, ISFJ’s main focus in on helping others. Valuing relationships and ensuring those around them are happy brings them a sense of well-being. The Nurturer is the perfect host and gets satisfaction in seeing others succeed. This Personality Type is so concerned for others’ needs that they are in danger of neglecting their own. Nurturers need people to encourage and value them if they are to continue to have the energy to give out to those around them. ISFJ’s are not suited to environments that are changeable and thrive where established ways of doing things are followed.

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ENTP – The Visionary

entpIntellectual…not constrained by social expectations

Visionaries are highly intelligent people who see possibilities in everything. This Personality Type naturally draws people to them – although they don’t need the approval of others to feel fulfilled. Visionaries are intellectual and need to interact with people of equal intelligence. They enjoy debating theoretical issues and constantly like to try out different solutions to problems. ENTP’s need to be constantly learning and questioning to experience fulfilment. They are capable of being highly innovative and are not constrained by social expectations. Visionaries can be frustrated if expected to focus on detail or forced to keep to established ways of doing things.

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ISFP – The Composer

isfpCreative potential … finely tuned to their environment

Tuned in to aesthetic detail, ISFP’s are highly creative. Although not naturally outgoing, The Composer has a friendly and warm personality and values a small, close-knit group of friends. Being mainly influenced by the Feeling and Perceiving aspects, they struggle in situations where they are expected to work logically or take charge. The 16 personality test shows ISFP’s can find fulfilment when they unleash their creative potential. They are finely tuned to their environment and have a keen eye for aesthetic detail. Time spent working artistically or designing things is likely to be both enjoyable and successful.

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ENFJ – The Giver

enfjAttuned to people’s needs

The Giver is always trying to make sure that everyone else is ok. ENFJ’s need to feel that they are helping to make the world a better place. They are attuned to people’s needs and will do all they can to help them. Outwardly focussed and organised, this personality type prefers order. They have a tendency to neglect their own needs and should protect themselves from situations where they may experience high levels of criticism. The Extrovert part of their personality means they seek out close relationships but need to ensure that they receive as much as they give in these.

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