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The ENTP personality is among the rarest in the world, which is understandable. Although they are extroverts, ENTPs reject small talk – and may not thrive in social situations. This is especially true is the ENTP is surrounded by vastly different personality types. ENTPs are intelligent and knowledgeable, and as a result they need to be constantly mentally stimulated. This personality types relishes the opportunity to discuss theories and facts in extensive detail, needing little encouragement to set the world to rights. ENTPs are logical, rational and objective in their approach to information and arguments. They expect the same from a debating partner.

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ENTPs derive great pleasure from engaging in intellectual discussions such as debates. ENTPs are not afraid to question everything, and will dismiss other people’s thoughts or ideas if they cannot be justified with reason and logic.

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ENTPs are humorous and quick-witted, but they can also sound arrogant and condescending. Although they can be sociable, they can also be detached from others. This makes them less receptive to other people’s emotions, so they are sometimes called insensitive and inconsiderate.

These individuals are also very intuitive. They have the ability to look at the big picture, spot patterns or trends, and make sense of things that may be hard to understand for others. They are more focused on the future than on the present and the past, which means they spend a lot of time planning and strategizing. The ENTP personality is a visionary who is capable of generating ideas so large and eccentric that they may be solutions that the entire world needs.

ENTPs are freedom-loving individuals. They don’t want to be controlled and they don’t want to control others. They are receptive to new opportunities and may even create them, but they cannot be tied down to rigid rules or standards. They are project-oriented and can’t stand day-to-day tasks unless they are particularly mentally challenging.

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ENTPs are sometimes not the most likable people. While they can strive to be friendly, they don’t seek other people’s approval. Many prefer to work by themselves and have the tendency to feel superior to others. They don’t enjoy giving instructions and explaining concepts comprehensively, believing others should be as intelligent as they are. Even if they are socially tolerant, they usually judge people based on their ability to reason. Moreover, they can be very direct and honest without any regard to other people’s feelings.


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