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At first glance, ISTJs are intimidating. They appear serious, formal, and proper. They also love traditions and old-school values that uphold patience, hard work, honor, and social and cultural responsibility. They are reserved, calm, quiet, and upright. These traits result from the combination of I, S, T, and J, a personality type that is often misunderstood.

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ISTJs are be bright, logical, and wise individuals who are very direct – for them, truth and facts are the most important. With their love of facts, they tend to accumulate a lot of information in their memory. Their focus on concrete facts and data makes them excellent analysts in many different environments. ISTJs are respected for their exceptional loyalty to their duty. Their accuracy, patience and ability to concentrate make them ideal employees in many professions.

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Organized and traditional
ISTJs tend to believe in laws and traditions and expect the same from others. They are organized and traditional, placing a high value on systems and the traditional method of doing things. They are not only interested in learning the rules, but also in following them.

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ISTJs have a unique sense of humor, which they will show once they are surrounded by friends and family who they are comfortable with. People with the ISTJ personality type are confident in themselves and they know which types of people they prefer to spend time with, and they join organizations that fit their personality and values.

Strong sense of duty
ISTJs are not naturally in tune with their own feelings and the feelings of others. They may have difficulty picking up on emotional needs. However, their strong sense of duty and the ability to see what needs to be done in any situation usually allows them to overcome their natural reservations, and they are quite supporting and caring individuals, especially with the people that they love.

Extremely faithful
ISTJs value peace and security. They are non-confrontational and prefer to be model citizens. The ISTJ personality type is extremely faithful and loyal. Traditional and family-minded, they will put forth great amounts of effort at making their homes and families run smoothly.


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