The Top 10 Qualities and Skills Employers Are Looking For

1. Communication Skills

None of us get very far in life without being able to communicate clearly. The world is changing now, too, which means that we need to be literate in all forms of communications. That means being able to write clear and concise emails, express yourself verbally, create lists and telephone messages, and even through body language. A skilled communicator will also be regarded as a good listener, and will follow instructions and directions as laid out to them.

2. Honesty

Honesty and accountability are pivotal to employers. They need to know that they can rely upon the information provided, and be assured that it will arrive one time. Never attempt to mask or hide a mistake in the workplace. Come clean, learn from the experience, and ensure it doesn't happen again. It's all part of a learning curve.


3. Technical Competency

It goes without saying, but your skill set should always mirror that which is found on the position's advertisement. What is laid out on such a document is just the tip of the iceberg, however. Ensure that you can do the job before applying, and if you're successful, be prepared to boost these skills on the job.


4. Work Ethic

There are a lot of people in the world looking for work. Why should your employer choose, and stick with, you? Always ensure that you're punctual, and efficient in the workplace. If you achieve everything that you're asked to, your employer will have no reason to ask for more!


5. Flexibility

Life moves pretty quickly, and you'll be expected to adapt to the needs of any given situation. When the conditions around business change, you'll be expected to step up and adjust accordingly.


6. Determination and Persistence

A manager will never shy away from setting a challenge to their employees. What a manager will not do, however, is set an impossible target. If you're prepared to roll up your sleeves, and don't find yourself deterred by obstacles in the workplace, you'll always impress those that sit above you in the hierarchy.


7. Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers

Being good at your job is sometimes only half the battle. In order to thrive and flourish in the workplace, you'll also need to be approachable and personable. Anybody looking to hire a staff member will be keen to maintain workplace harmony, so the ability to fit in with an existing team is essential.


8. Eager and Willing to Add to Their Knowledge Base and Skills

If you already feel that you know everything in your industry, what's the point in carrying on? There's always something new to learn, or a skill that can be improved. Staff members that acknowledge and embrace this, showing a willingness to build on their existing skill set, will always be welcomed by employers.


9. Problem-Solving Skills

Nobody in a senior position has time to micro-manage their team. With this in mind, employers will be looking to hire individuals with initiative, and the ability to confront challenges without regularly seeking advice or assurance. The ability to spot an issue ahead of time, and take appropriate evasive action, is a hugely desirable trait in an employee.


10. Loyalty

Our work plays a major part in our lives, and the employees of a business are representative of their values. If your superiors can trust that you will do your best for the company, and that you can be trusted to uphold their values in public, you'll be considered a valued member of staff.


The question remains, however, how can you show a potential employer that you possess these essential qualities? The answer lies within your application.

Rewrite your resume, being careful to use appropriate language that will gain the attention of the hiring company. Ensure that your covering letter discusses your experience in meeting the requirements of the position, ideally with examples of how you have done so in the past.

Positive references will also go a long way, whether they come from previous workplace managers or supervisors of volunteering positions. If you can get this in the form of a letter, so much the better.

Finally, be sure to demonstrate those essential communication skills throughout your application. Start with the letter, and ensure that you maintain a positive impression during the interview process. Regardless of whether you are speaking by email, over the phone or in person, always put your best foot forward!


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