enfj personality hacks

5 ENFJ Personality Hacks


1. Become a Unique Gift-Giver

ENFJs have a special talent for intuitively knowing how to make people feel special. You have amazingly natural people skills and your main interest in life is to give love and support to those around you. Use your talent to come up with interesting or unexpected gifts for people, such as unique presents or experiences that they will appreciate on an individual level.


2. Allow Yourself to Be Alone Sometimes, Even Single

As an ENFJ, you’re so focused on other people that it’s hard for you to spend any time alone. You might do anything you can to avoid spending an evening home by yourself. The majority of ENFJs will always be in a romantic relationship, and will even allow their partner to make all the important decisions. If this has been your pattern, you might feel like it’s impossible to not be in a relationship. This can become a problem if you won’t allow yourself to leave an abusive partner, but even when in a good relationship, it stifles your independence and ability to thrive on your own.


3. Embrace Your Optimal Career Choices

ENFJs have an optimal career path that is very clear: do something that allows you to help people, especially if you can develop one-on-one relationships in which you can really make a difference. You also enjoy structure, organization, and creating harmony. Be a counselor, teacher, or a nurse if those professions appeal to you.


4. Step Up into a Leadership Position

No matter what situation you find yourself in, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a coach, a business owner, or an employee, use your natural gift of making others feel valued and important. Step up and be a leader in your field of influence so that you’re not just trying to make others feel good, but you’re also giving them their best chance of success. However, watch yourself for manipulation tactics – sometimes ENFJs are so interested in helping people that they will try to manipulate them into their own best interests.


5. Don’t Forget Yourself

As an ENFJ, you biggest downfall is taking care of others too much and letting your own needs fall by the wayside. ENFJs often look outside themselves for fulfillment without paying attention what they truly think or desire. This can lead to terrible self-esteem issues, or at the very least, simply being too caught up in trends. If you find yourself trying to please others so much that you won’t stand up for yourself or pay any attention to your own needs, it’s time for some self-reflection.


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