5 ENFP Personality Type Hacks

5 ENFP Personality Hacks

1. Give Yourself Some Real Downtime

ENFPs are happy, social people who are popular and fun to be around. They’re always excited to try something new and seek a new adventure. ENFPs also don’t mind going off-plan and have a tendency to jump from project to project. Although this constant flow of new stimulation is exciting and fulfilling, they also need a break to process it all. If you feel overwhelmed with everything you’ve created for yourself, carve out some alone time to recharge. Make sure that you take care of yourself, or you’ll find that your energy depletes ahead of the next escapade.

2. Don’t Abandon Relationships Too Quickly

ENFPs want to find the perfect relationship, akin to something from the Disney movies of childhood. Even though they’re usually loyal and dedicated, they have the nagging feeling that there might be a better relationship out there. Prince or Princess Charming, if you will, rather than just a great, reliable and fun partner. In addition, as an ENFP, you’re fun to be with and inspirational. This means that you may not have a hard time finding a new partner. Hopping from one relationship is not always a bad thing – it depends on the stage of your life – but even younger ENFPs could do well to monitor their behavior in this regard. Feelings can get hurt, even if that is not the intention.

3. Outsource or Automate Routine Tasks

An ENFP cannot abide dull, detailed, routine tasks. Forget a job in data entry or administration – you get bored easily and you don’t care for structure. You’re very independent and feel stifled by rules and regulations. If you’re in a position at work in which you can delegate the boring stuff, be sure to take advantage of that. If you’re not, work to climb the ladder and reach such a position! This will free you up to focus on areas in which you can make the most impact. If you can’t assign tasks to other people, try to automate or reduce your routine work. For ENFPs, it’s a matter of keeping your sanity.

4. Make Your Ideas into Reality

You’re an idea person and an experiencer. You would much rather feel something for yourself than watch or read about it, or have it described to you. ENFPs are always looking for connections in the external world in an attempt to understand it all. Your enthusiasm and genuine interest in everything means you’re constantly coming up with new ideas to explore. ENFPs can become great inventors or entrepreneurs when they’re able to take their ideas from concept to reality, even if it means starting a project and hiring someone else to follow through with the details. Do whatever you can to focus on an idea long enough to create something tangible with it.

5. Develop Reasonable Skills in Judgement

One of your biggest opportunities for growth lies in applying more judgement to people and situations. Being so easygoing and friendly, and never wanting to judge someone unfairly, is a positive trait. It can be harmful, though. You can let too much slide or even fall victim to a scam. In your search for adventure, you might seek new experiences in drugs or gambling. You could put yourself in harm’s way with extreme sports, looking for an adrenaline rush. Consider the long-term repercussions of seeking that short-term pleasure. In many cases, ENFPs like to push boundaries to understand the world, while also keeping themselves entertained. If you reach a point where it seems to be causing trouble, try to funnel that energy into something more productive. Or, just take it down a notch and bring your family on a fun vacation. There are plenty of experiences out there in the world, waiting to be discovered.

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