5 ENTJ Life Hacks

ENTJ Life Hacks

5 ENTJ Life Hacks for Your ENTJ Personality Type


1. Cultivate Patience and Understanding

Many ENTJs probably feel that they don’t need to learn any hacks for their personality type. They tend to be quite self-assured, and since they’re often in leadership positions, the people around them might reinforce the idea that they already have all the answers. ENTJs have little tolerance for errors or inefficiency, and rarely take into consideration other people’s feelings. Especially if you’re in a leadership position, like a manager or business owner, it could be tremendously valuable for you to cultivate some patience for those around you, and to look at things from another perspective. You might uncover some new and interesting ideas, and you will most certainly become a better leader.


2. Be More Positive in Personal Relationships

In romantic or other close interpersonal relationships, it may be useful to reign in your desire for debate. This will be especially important if your partner has the Feeling trait. Intense debates might be better suited for your workplace or among like-minded friends, rather than at home where people just want to relax. ENTJs also forget to give other people praise or positive feedback, because to an ENTJ, that’s all wishy-washy touchy-feely stuff. However, some people wilt and become discouraged without it. Use your intellect to identify the needs of each of your employees or family members—not to coddle them, but to bring the best out of them.


3. Be Rational but not Argumentative

ENTJs who have not yet reached a leadership position can feel stifled, under-appreciated, limited, and generally annoyed with the people that they work with. ENTJs are extremely rational and intelligent, and they won’t tolerate anything they think is incorrect, inefficient, or irrational. They might argue with bosses and coworkers to get their point across because they feel like allowing something irrational to slide is almost immoral. They can’t believe it when people allow their feelings to override what’s clearly wrong. Obviously, being argumentative in the workplace can quickly cause problems, so ENTJs must bide their time until they can set the rules and make the decisions.


4. Use Your Natural Strengths

It is unlikely that any ENTJ won’t already be using his or her unique personality strengths, but just in case you feel that you haven’t found your way, understand that you have a specific set of qualities that you can use to your advantage. Those are: excellent time management skills, a strong “can do” attitude, a natural ability for unbiased data analysis, strong organizational skills, and high intelligence. These qualities make you a great match for positions in government, economics, structured social organizations, finance, or forward-thinking sciences like environmental development. Find something within those fields that is fascinating enough to keep your long-term interest.


5. Consider Your Own Emotional Needs

ENTJs are so strongly rational in their approach to life that everything can become scientific or even mathematic for them. It’s clear that ENTJs don’t readily understand other people’s emotions, but they also ignore their own. If you’re interested in self-development, a great place to start is by recognizing your own emotions. You don’t have to do anything about them right away—just start checking in with yourself to determine how you feel, especially during times that you’re busy or under stress. Humans are not computers, and our biology and emotions are just as important to our success as our intellect.


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