5 ISTJ Personality Hacks


5 ISTJ Personality Hacks


1. Soften Your Exterior

ISTJs can sometimes be intimidating to others. If you feel like you struggle to connect with friends, colleagues of family members, you will benefit from softening your exterior. Like other Introverted and Thinking types, ISTJs are often mistakenly seen as indifferent and cold because they’re not naturally in tune with people’s feelings. They’re also quite serious and methodical, and rarely accept outside points of view. They don’t like change, and they have strong opinions about the way things should be done. Since they’re introverts, they may not be the best at expressing their thoughts and feelings as this makes the ISTJ uncomfortable. All of this can add up to create someone who appears very strict and unforgiving – even if that is not your intention. Keep this in mind when interacting with others.


2. Find a Dependable Partner

As an ISTJ, you are extremely loyal, dependable, and faithful. You value tradition, security, and a peaceful, stable life. You’re a responsible partner and parent, placing a lot of emphasis toward providing a secure home. You take your promises and obligations seriously and should seek a partner with a similar mindset. Don’t attempt to tolerate a relationship that is not based on these shared values. Many people aren’t interested in long-term commitments or providing a safe and stable home for their families, and those people aren’t worth your time or energy. Apply your usual strict analysis to your partner of choice. It’s the only way the union will last.


3. Say No When Appropriate

ISTJs are ambitious and conscientious. This means they always run the risk of overloading themselves with work and responsibilities. You’re a hard worker with an innate ability to organize and complete tasks. People know they can count on you to get things done, and they know that you’ll never renege on a promise. This can lead to the ISTJ being taken advantage of, though. People will pile more and more work on top of you as long as you keep saying “yes” to it. Your colleagues may not intentionally be trying to take advantage of you, but they’ll keep asking you to do things if you keep agreeing to do them. You give the impression of being cool, calm and efficient. Even if that’s true, you’re still human and have limits.


4. Consider Becoming a Manager

ISTJs have a unique aptitude for management. You’re more interested in social structures than other introverts. This makes you personable without being overbearing. Your, “stick to it” attitude and strong work ethic is inspiring to everyone around you. You set a good example with your respect for rules, order, and integrity – you’re a true leader by example. You’re willing to analyze a new concept thoroughly until you understand it. As you gain experience, you become more and more well-rounded and capable. And, as an ISTJ, you highly value the traditional societal structures of family, church, and the workplace. You’ll do your best to create a productive, respectable, and efficient team or office that reflects these values.


5. Relax Your Expectations a Bit

As someone who feels that duty and responsibility are of the utmost importance, you have the tendency to beat yourself up over your own perceived failures. When under stress, ISTJs can spiral into negativity, worrying about everything that might go wrong. This means that you’ll struggle to see the wood for the trees. You also need to remember that you cannot control everything. In general, the solution is to let go of some control and cease attempting to force structure where impossible. External situations (especially people) will not always be the way you want them to, and not everyone in society agrees with your opinions. Resisting these facts only aggravates you unnecessarily.


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