How to Be a Super Confident ENFP

How to Become More Confident as an ENFP

What Is Confidence?

Imagine the most confident person you can think of. He does what he feels is right, whether or not society agrees with him. He allows his authentic self to shine without worrying that others won’t accept him. He identifies what’s important and works to achieve it. Even when he doesn’t have the answers, he makes an educated guess and moves forward. He doesn’t judge those around him; instead, he offers help wherever he can. He strives to improve himself while accepting his flaws.

Confidence and Personality

This supremely confident person could have any personality type – confidence is not dependent on how extroverted or introverted you are, or whether you make decisions with your head or your heart. Confidence comes from accepting and utilizing your individual strengths without concern for the opinion of others. As an ENFP, you can take advantage of your personality type to develop confidence in your own unique ways.

ENFP’s Biggest Confidence Shakers

ENFPs are very open minded and withhold judgement even when a judgement would be appropriate. You’re usually very perceptive about people and able to quickly assess situations, but your lack of judgement can sometimes work against you. You might be too willing to believe someone who is untruthful because you were unwilling to apply judgement to them. This shakes your confidence because it makes you feel like you’re unable to see people for what they are. Rely on your intuition when you feel something is amiss.

As an ENFP, you have an extreme dislike for conflict and criticism, especially when it’s coupled with an attempt to control you. You're very tolerant of others, so you find it hurtful when someone doesn’t treat you the same way. You may find their lack of tolerance difficult to forgive, and harbor unexpressed anger over it. Remember that every criticism you hear isn’t necessarily a personal attack. Apply some judgement to the situation and analyze it objectively.

ENFPs can fall into a habit of never finishing a project, keeping a job, or sticking with a relationship. You want to fully explore concepts and gain a deep understanding of them, but with a lack of structure, your desire to understand everything can lead you to jump from topic to topic, job to job, or relationship to relationship, leaving you unsatisfied. This pattern may settle down as you grow older, but if it does not, it will be necessary to make an effort to focus your attention so that you don’t end up wandering through your entire life. If you feel like you can’t achieve the depth of understanding you desire, take some time to decide what is most important to you.

ENFP’s Biggest Confidence Boosters

As an ENFP, you already have many traits that naturally lend themselves to confidence. You’re charming and fun to be around. You’re loyal, dedicated, and you inspire others. You’re energetic, warm, and optimistic.

These qualities will often inspire others to support your opinions and ideas. When you do run across someone who disagrees with you, you might be surprised and unsure how to proceed. You will be inclined to take the disagreement personally. Instead of becoming angry, take a step back and think about what they said. It might have been a completely objective comment that was not personal at all. When you think about the situation from a more neutral standpoint, you might find some value in it. A confident person sticks to his ideas even in the face of differing opinions, while being open to new points of view.

You're always searching the world for input that will help you understand the “big picture” and you use that information to create your own highly-valued morals. Once you form them, you’re passionate about your beliefs. A confident ENFP will proudly adhere to his beliefs even when those around him do not agree. You’re sure of your decisions and you stick to them.

ENFPs accept and value people as individuals. They are also in tune with society and easily understand what’s socially acceptable. This combination means that you can easily fit in, while also inviting and accepting those who don’t. This makes you very likable. You’re intuitive and creative, and can find unique ways to apply your skills. Follow your intuition and allow your creativity to flourish without concern over other’s opinions, and you will be a very confident ENFP.

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