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INFJs are visionaries and idealists who ooze creative imagination and brilliant ideas. They have a different, and usually more profound, way of looking at the world. They have a substance and depth in the way they think, never taking anything at surface level or accepting things the way they are. Others may sometimes perceive people with the INFJ personality type as weird or amusing because of their different outlook on life.

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INFJs are gentle, caring, complex, and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. While they place great importance on order, they can also be spontaneous because they intuitively understand things without being able to pinpoint why. This makes INFJs less systematic and orderly than other Judging types.

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An INFJ’s intuition is usually one of their strongest qualities. They have uncanny insight into people and situations. INFJs can be difficult to understand for others, and that might cause them to be secretive, making them even more mysterious. But they are also genuinely warm and caring with their friends and family.

Are you an INFJ? Take the free personality test!

Tend to be secretive
The INFJ personality type is one of the most complicated. INFJs appear to be quiet and reserved, and they stay away from social events where they have to mingle with other people. INFJs tend to be secretive and don’t like situations in which they would have to open up to others. It takes time for them to trust people, and they would go so far as testing whether a person deserves their trust before spilling any private information.

The INFJ personality type is sensitive towards other people’s feelings. They are careful not to hurt anybody through their words and actions. They always lend a hand to people who need help because they are compassionate and empathic. They are also good at reading people and can sense other people’s emotions.

Planner and strategist
At work, their creativity makes them stand out. They planners and strategists who respect rules and deadlines. They get things done systematically, but they also understand things without concrete or tangible facts. They just know through their gut feelings.

A person with the INFJ personality type is firm and usually stubborn. They stay close to their pre-set values and may find it hard to accept other people’s opinions. Their temper gets triggered when another person questions their beliefs and principles. They stand firm and never back down on whatever they have already said. No matter how reserved they are, they don’t mind engaging in arguments or debates when their views get challenged.

In general, the INFJ has a depth that not all personality types possess. They see life in a different light and this makes them unique.


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