PersonalityMatch App Launch


Can you imagine knowing the secret to getting along with anyone?
Or being able to quickly analyze your most precious relationships - and discover easy ways to improve them?

With our brand-new app PersonalityMatch, you can take a free personality test and invite your partner and friends to do the same.

The app's unique algorithm compares your test results to the results of your friend, produces a compatibility score from 0% to 100% and shows you easy ways to improve your relationship!

Check out for a video and more screenshots.

PersonalityMatch Features:

  • Sophisticated free personality test*
  • Invite your partner, friends, family members, colleagues, fellow students etc - to take the test and let the app compare your results
  • Learn about your friends’ personality type
  • See your compatibility score
  • Get personalized advice on how to improve your relationhip

PersonalityMatch is free and available on iTunes and Google Play now.



* Based on the classic psychological tests by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers and the theories of the psychologist Carl Jung.


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“It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient one, too.” – H.W. Shaw
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Stop living by trial-and-error, and start developing a fulfilling life.
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