How to be a Super Confident ENTJ


ENTJs are already confident people, as natural leaders who have an inborn talent to take control of any situation. They are straightforward, logical thinkers who constantly create new solutions for business, management, or even government. They have a large personal presence that helps them organize and motivate others. They usually feel that they’re capable of anything, and they’re usually right about that.

What could cause a naturally confident person such as an ENTJ to feel a sense of low self-worth or self-esteem? When it happens, it’s the result of their strong personality traits backfiring on them.

A Social Weakness for an Extravert

Although ENTJs are extraverts who love conversation and being with people, they can sometimes be considered socially awkward, or at the very least, condescending and abrasive.

ENTJs have very high standards that they apply to themselves and other people. They can become so irritated with mistakes or inefficiency that they behave too harshly towards others. They don’t consider other people’s feelings, and may believe that they have no reason to spare a person’s feelings because they “should have known better.”

When ENTJs are already in a bad mood or in weakened state of self-worth, they may try to shore up their self-esteem by becoming even more arrogant and reiterating the reasons why their methods are best, or why their reasoning is the most correct. They might take any disagreement regarding what is most rational as a personal rejection of their own values. This makes them appear even more condescending as they discount the contributions or ideas of other people and try to solidify their control over the situation.

ENTJs who fall into a pattern of trying to force their views onto others in an overbearing way will undoubtedly experience difficulty fitting in with those around them. That’s a blow to anyone’s self-esteem, whether they’d like to admit it or not.

Develop Your Feeling Side

If you’re an ENTJ who would like to avoid these problems, the first step is to realize that you might not be very good at understanding how people feel. If you haven’t taken the time to develop empathy, it might be something you’ve skipped over entirely, because you’ve preferred to focus on logical, rational facts and theories.

ENTJs do have deep feelings, despite what others may think. You may even have a sentimental streak that you’ve always tried to hide because you think feelings are a weakness. Stuffing down your emotions doesn’t do anyone any good, though, and it suppresses an opportunity to connect with others.

As someone who is intelligent and loves learning and improving, you can treat this like any other project. ENTJs would do well to study other people to learn what causes certain emotions, and why. Once you can recognize the warning signs, you can better navigate your way through the world of human emotion. It will make you a much more powerful and effective leader.

Develop Your Intuition

Although ENTJs have the “N” (Intuition) personality trait, they take a very rational and logical approach to life. They prefer to rely only on concrete facts, even though they have the capacity for intuition. They use their intuition to come up with new solutions or imagine a better way of doing something, but they don’t trust their gut instincts.

If you have not developed your intuition, you risk making decisions too quickly, before you have a full understanding of the issue and all possible solutions. Oftentimes, ENTJs believe that their view of the world is the only correct one, since they arrived at it via their logical, rational thought process.

However, ENTJs who develop their intuition will greatly enhance their capacity for leadership, awareness, and change. When ENTJs learn to trust the quiet voice in their heads, they are more able to include input from others into their decisions. They develop a talent for addressing social issues and helping people get past difficult life situations because they are more aware of the needs of others.

ENTJs feel the most confident when they can use their resourcefulness and intelligence to create new solutions and improve the world around them. They become even more practical and useful when they develop their emotional awareness and intuitive capabilities, making them better leaders and contributors to society. An ENTJ who is at the top of self-confidence and self-awareness can accomplish anything.

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